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[quote name='Dunavan;36984] I returned both of mine' date=' and sorry the false advertising was not from kmart, it was augen. Augen printed the box, augen said things were their(including market) on that box, augen lied. Augen will likely pay the price for their lies, and I imagine they will not be a solvant company much longer.Btw, the tablet is not the only device they "forgot" to take google apps off of, the netbook with android that they sold through kmart was the same way.[/QUOTE'] I would go take a look at the box again. Both places it says download "hundreds" of apps from the Android Market. The official Android Market has 70,000 apps. AndApp Android Market and others have hundreds of apps. It doesnt make mention of Google Maps, or GMAIL anywhere. It says you can Email, Surf Web, share photos, and download hundreds of apps. You can do all of those without any GOOGLE product on the device. Also the manual makes no mention of the Market, and tells you how to install apps using the included FILE EXPLORER. Just saying..CPG
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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