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I got a new firmware for my Flytouch from manufacturer

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First of all thanks a lot for this great forum. Last days I did a lot of research. I bought here in germany an android tablet and first i was not sure which type it was. After watching youtube and some searching on I found out that I also have an Flytouch/Epad. During my research I found this: I think Pioneer Computers is selling a version of the Flytouch ePad in Australia. It looks the same. So I wrote an eMail to the support of Pioneer. I said that I have bought a version of the DreamBook in my holydays in Australia and that i have done something stupidly with my ePad and asked for the latest Firmware. Today I got an eMail with a downloadlink. The Firmware of Pioneer is called DroidOS_174.3. Maybe this helps to get your Flytouch fully functional. I think it's an updated version of 1.7.4. On the website of Pioneer they say that it is also possible to download apps from the market. When someone is interested, I can post the donwloadlink...
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I'm going to test it today I will let you know how its goes
Hello I Tryed the firmware and youtube does not function and the market is still not working many thanks =]
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