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I cracked the screen on M100!!! need a new one!!! PLEASE!!!

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:mad:Last night the horrible thing happened. i was using my tablet at my desk, charger plugged, and when i wanted to get up and walk away, my feet pulled the charger cable and my tablet went crashing the floor! :eek: i picked it up and the screen was cracked! not the actual screen, but the glass in front of it, the touch screen. i managed to remove it but now my tablet has no touchscreen function! i can use it only with mouse and keyboard.So, PLEASE, if someone with a bricked device would want to help me get a new touchscreen, please contact me!
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I have the same problem, I am ordering this: is the touch screen not the lcd panel.bye.
thank you very much for your help! i did buy it and replaced the broken touchscreen. Not that responsive as the original one but it will do for now! thanks again!
was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I installed a rom 2.1 works kinda luggish I think mainly because I have a bunch of apps. But now I was wanting to go back to a older rom and it won't let me. It acts like it is going to go ahead and load and boot but stops and says recovery then goes to a screen with the android and a exclamation mark. Then won't do anything. If I turn it off then remove the card it will turn on normal and runs fine. why would it do this? Any help thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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