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I know I said I'm gone but this ROM is too good not to share, even if I've been flamed for contributing before. Download update.img flash tool here: and more description coming up. What Key Features: Hardware back key mapped to where the Home button is300MB DataAlmost all system apps optimizedGoodness of the Hybrid ROMNew less leaky libs from newest Ramos W7 ROMHybrid ROM goodnessWhat this is: rogerbraun Hybrid ROM base, minimally modified, cleaned up and optimized (optipng)+Ramos W7 system libs (more stable since Rockchip is making these. A lot less monsters in my logcat)+W7 Explorer, W7 Chinese TV Streaming App+SDK Development tools, Spareparts+More IMEs for different languages (Now with Pinyin, Changjie, Quick, Zhuyin, Hangul, Hira/Katakana, Russian Cryllic, and of course English and the default Android ones)+... Appending this listKnown issues (that I probably have no intention of fixing):No boot logo (I killed it. I don't know how)Wake requires pressing Home+Power buttons togetherYoutube videos wont full screen until you do the Home trick, just like HybridAudioPlayer Equalizer is broken. Do not play with the equalizer or you will be greeting with a high pitched surprise. I'm a sound purist so this is okay for me. Plus I don't know how to fix it. If your Flash partition shows up as zero, hook your Apad up to your computer and format the drive as FAT from your computer
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