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Hybrid 5.2 for red LED aPad - new kernel

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This has the 706 kernel, so it should support more 3G devices.In other news, I am still alive ;-)Download is here.
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[quote name='lefeudedieu;45616]I extracted your framework-res.apk then I redid the theme' date=' but I just can not push it in System / framework, hey I say: no such directory in read-only[/QUOTE']You can't push stuff to the /system dir on the aPad, as it's readonly. To change framework-res, you have to add it to system.img in the update.img and repackage and reflash update.img For a pretty comprehensive guide on unpack/pack update.img, read on here.
Anything else new in this rom (compared to 5.1)? Maybe a changelog, even?
This rom aint gonna help you, as the apad is not iped m16. Not same tablet at all.6
can i be able to upgrade from 1.5 to 2.2 or 2.3 ?
Besides the fact that this humble tablet lacks the horsepower to run 2.2/2.3 with any kind of grace, the manufacturer has failed to release the source code for the original rom, which makes it all but impossible to do anything besides tweaking the original ROM.
So: No.
1 - 4 of 88 Posts
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