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Hybrid 5.2 for red LED aPad - new kernel

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This has the 706 kernel, so it should support more 3G devices.In other news, I am still alive ;-)Download is here.
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Welcome back Roger!I can't flash your new image, RKAndroid tells me "Getting the version of loader failed!" when I select the img file...
Already downloaded the file twice but it won't work.*edit: strange, when I tried for the 3rd time, it worked, flashing in progress right now
*edit 2: booted up nicely, I am now looking for any cool new features and fixes ^^
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Same here, no USB connection... The drives show up in my explorer but I don't get the query window on the apad to share them. All my apps were gone after flashing, I thought you wrote that this wouldn't be the case after 5.1 :(I like the low battery warning feature! The ROM also appears slightly faster to me, had no crashes or any other weird behaviour until now. The G-Sensor is still messed up, I hope someone come up with a fix for that so that i can finally play Abduction! :DKeep up the good work! Really looking forward to the final release of Version 6.P.S. If you hold down the menu bar and pull down to see recent events, it still says "Hyrid Rom" instead of Hybrid ;)
1 - 2 of 88 Posts
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