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Hello all, I am announcing a (unfinished and highly experimental) Kernel for cLK on the hd2, I am a HD2 owner and i love this phone, i was disapointed that phones with the same chipset and cpu are receiving kernels for damn near 2ghz cool and stable, but not my beloved hd2. I am posting this in hopes that a kernel programmer might help me out with this, I tested a kernel for which i have no src code (also for a different model phone) and ran my phone at 1.9ghz under a stress test for an hour. I know it is possible, i know it is stable! the issue i have is why has it not been done? i am NOT a c programmer and i need a little help, i need the phone to fully function with the new oc
cant keep mucking with a kernel for the wrong device with no source code. Thanx!
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