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how is audio quality output of the n70? via earphones or speakers?
I can only speak for the HD-Version, but i think both devices use the same realtek audiochip and speaker.
In my opinion the sound quality is pretty mediocre. The speaker rattles a lot on higher volumes (and its not even that loud). Some people also spoke from defects of the speaker because they've used it on higher volumes throughout.
Together with my headphones i experienced a pretty flat, slightly held back soundscape (i guess to protect the speaker from defects
). At the same time it's a bit pushed on the higher frequencies. It needs a huge bassboost to sound fuller and richer (and i'm not a basshead at all), but if you're tweaking with the equalizer settings in apps you will encounter crackling noises very fast, so you will have to adjust them very carefully.
The SNR is not that breathtaking either. You will hear noticeable hissing with lower ohm-earphones even on lower volumes (mine are 32ohm).
Depending on your needs and demands, i wouldn't recommend it for the hifi-listening experience on the go. For movies it's quite okay.

At the same time i've to admit, that i've compared the tablet with my samsung gt-i9000 (with the great wolfson-audiochop + voodoo sound plus), so i guess it's not that fair of a competition.
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