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Hello Slate Droid forum and members.Im not going to introduce myself in any flashy means :cool: but please note that I do like to show off.Anyways. My name is Alan, I'm from Italy but live in London, I'm 17 and starting this fall, I will be in my first year of college. :eek:I enjoy graphic designing (started when I was 12, don't know how :confused: )I also enjoy sports like football (soccer for you bloody Americans ad Aussies) jokes asides I also enjoy Boxing.By the way I have been following this Forum since its very beginning, when there were like 45 members and the graphics sucked a little. If I remember correctly the logo was of Droid pissing on apple. I never joined back then because I did not own a slate droid. not that I own one now anyways but anyways I hope we can get on well.I am planning on getting an aPad or maybe a higher end slatedroid before I start college. I would love some suggestions.CHEERs.
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D: That was by far the best logo we ever had back then ;) Now although there's been loads of complaints about the processor specs being faked, I'd actually be quite tempted to by a ZT-180 - although the proc is ARM11, 1GHz is still quite nice. But I'd be sure to read some reviews from people who actually have one first because I'm sure there's quite a lot of sketchy stuff going on there.On a side note, is it really true that all Italian people can make brilliant pizzas from birth? xD
hahaha lol not really, we are good at devouring pizza than making it, though my mom makes the best pizza's around. MAMMA MIA! lol. thanks for the suggestion. 1ghz tablet would be AWSOME even awsomer with GINGERBREAD!!! can't wait!
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