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How to un-install an apps?

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I have successfully using Hack provided in guide to newbie and install some apps thru abd command. Question is how to un-install it if I do not want the app anymore or if the app does not work.Also, where is the app installed using the abd command? Can I install app in the external SD card?So much questions from this newbie. Thank.
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1. Settings/Applications/Manage Applications. Select the program you want to remove and then hit uninstall.2. Apps are installed to main memory which is 256MB (before the system uses some which leaves 200MB).3. Not at this time. If a new kernel can be made then apps2sd can be used. The other option is to get 2.2 working on the Novel which has apps2sd built in.
Why add another program when Android does it on its own? I have never understood this.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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