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I noticed a few folks here have the Ployer Momo8 IPS... This thing is amazing all around.

... Anyway I was wonder what folks used to root this device?


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I haven't tried this yet (I still haven't recieved my Momo8 IPS...), and can all credit goes to the clever guy at


The following were useful references for the rooting.

Here are the basic steps to getting root on the Momo8 IPS.
Enable USB Debugging on the Momo8 IPS - Settings -> Developer Options
Find a Windows computer.
Download and install Momorobo
Start Moborobo and connect the Momo8 IPS to the Windows computer. Wait for Moborobo to establish a connection to the tablet.
Download and install ZhuoDaShi 2.2.9.
Start ZhuoDaShi. It is a Chinese language application only, so this is somewhat tricky.
Wait for ZhuoDaShi connect to your Momo8 IPS.
Click the highlighted text that includes the word ROOT among some Chinese text then click on the big ROOT button.
After a short while you should see some Chinese text in green. Click the large button.
You should now have root and the SuperSU app will be listed in your apps.
Install Root Checker on the Momo8 IPS to ensure you have root.
Once satisfied you have root (I ran Titanium Backup to be absolutely sure) you can uninstall the Momorobo daemon and ZhuoDaShi app the from your Momo8 IPS.
The version of SuperSU installed by ZhuoDaShi is quite old and can't be updated via the Google Play Store. To remedy this do the following.
Under SuperSU -> Settings select Switch superuser app
Now open Google Play Store and install SuperSU.
Hope this is helpful to someone else, but proceed with caution.

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Yes zhuodashi worked fine for me on the momo8. Only thing is I find you have to run it twice. This has been the case for all tablets I have rooted with zhuodashi not just the momo8.

The first time you run it you can see some kind of warning on the second screen which is in Chinese, but you don't see it in the second time you run it.

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