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How to reinstall the Youtube app in the modified FW

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I have managed to hack the Volume button, install GE and made market app work following the instructions in this forum and the Credit goes to all the great contributors! Hats off to you all Geniuses! My modified FW came with Youtube app and it doesn't work, when I replace with another one it works but the same doesn't work after rebooting. Neither I could uninstall the original one nor I could install a fresh Youtube app. Since everything else is working I don't want to flash with new FW. Is there a way how I could just uninstall the You tube app from the installed FW? I have tried Uninstaller apps and it refuses to uninstall.
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You should be able to find the location of the.apk file and delete it using a file manager.
The Fw in my PDN is S10_07_18K_PD_INX7E_ENG-6410POP. When I flashed with this in the SD I had the installed You tube app. By connecting the PDN to the computer and exploring the folders I can't find Youtube.apk or any related apk. By using a file manager on the PDN, the application refuses to uninstall or even get deleted. I guess since it is a system file it doesn't get deleted this way, hopefully there's some other way.
I found the answers to my question in a post by Slaterman at: there is a You tube video titled " Deleting Factory Apps on Android" at: YouTube - Deleting Factory Apps On AndroidsAlthough I followed Slaterman's instructions to delete the You Tube app and installed the version of You Tube that works and I was successful, however I believe the instructions in the You Tube video should also work. I am really happy that I can find answers to my questions here. Exploring the PDN has been a real fun with the support of the contributions in the forum. Thanks once again to everyone.
Just as something to play with, try VideoBox from LiveMixing. Besides playing and downloading YouTube, it also lets you play and download video from Vimeo and some Asian video sites. It is trying to be a social networking app geared to sharing video you find with friends, and a bonus is that it also includes a pretty capable video player that plays mp4s from your PDN's SD card. I haven't used the social networking stuff, but it seems to do a pretty good job at playing on-line and local videos.
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