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How to Play DVD Movie format or other format(avi,mpeg, etc)

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Tell me how to play movie in eken m003, i just try it's and the voice/sound of movie is exist but the screen is blank..and sometimes the movie picture is very tiny resolution..:mad::mad:Please help to get it's working well..
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Divx plays in WinCE but the quality isn't great and the video skips if there's too much motion. I'm sure you could get it to play ok with a proper reencode.
try using handbrake mpg-4 and make sure encoder is not h264...ff meg or something i forgot but it does work..
Directions for M003 to play videos smooth and video ok. Go to Preview screen size 480x320 and set the quality at 50%-56.3%. I tried Quality from 30,40,50,60,and 70%. I would recommend 56.3% for quality. 60% was about the limit. 70-80-90-100% the video will not play but audio will. Hope this info is helpful to new M003 buyers. Recommended settings probably work for M001/M002.
ีvideo codec mpeg-4use 23.976 frame bitrate 576 kbpsaudio slide DRC to 4
thanks all, 4 good responsei will try it.
Hi, I just want to comment on the settings above. The settings are in the ballpark to get a movie to play clear and smooth on the M003/M001. A 30 minute tv show may only need to have quality at 30-40% while a 90 minute movie may need the bitrate adjusted. I think this thread will be tweaked with various settings to get the movies to play. In a nutshell, the movie file has to be downgraded drastically to accomodate the M003/M001 processor. Its time consuming to run the files and custom settings in handbrake. Note: I set the picture settings always 480x320 just in case I don't want double files for my iphone and M003.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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