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How to load music onto sd

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sorry stupid questionmy experimentation has shown if i want to load two albums on the sd card i must put all the songs in the root folder? i cant seem to have two subfolders?or what am i doing wrong!Thanks in advance!
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[quote author=gevrik link=topic=372.msg3171#msg3171 date=1275148446]Just create a 'music' or 'Music' folder in /sdcard/ and copy your albums into it. I use 'ES File Explorer' (pre-installed) to copy albums from my Samba share on my Acer Revo.Can always connect the aPad to your PC and press 'mount' when it asks you, you should then see your aPad's sdcard as a new drive in windows and the 1gb Rockchip flash partition. I tend to leave the flash partition alone. Open the sdcard drive and copy your albums into the music folder. [/quote]Excellent this works - Thank youDammit I am in love with this device!PS Have you figured out how to do lyrics with songs - in their demo video they showed an example?Thanks again
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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