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How to get root on 1.91

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Can someone explain procedure to get on root on 1.91.Need this badly so i can apply market fix on it.Or if someone have a rooted original v1.91 firmware they can upload.
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What did l learn from other post and I did is you have to put/replaced customized on the script folder.And put su file in the file android_fs.tar.systembin and Superuser.apk on the to made it pre-installed. Others eitheryou put ConnectBot or BetterTerminal. But for me I preferto install BetterTerminal after the flashing.Which I think the easiest way to get the file by copy fromother customize rom. Just get their and su file thenflash your device. Or you can search this bundle package whichI found on another forum.After that flash your customized rom,enable "debug mode" on the application setting,Install BetterTerminal or ConnectBot if you not done that.Then open the terminal application and type su. If it donewell Superuser app will prompt and you allow it. Another waywithout install the terminal app just use adb shell and doingsu with it.
Is there a new, based on the 1.9.1 orginal for rooting this version?
[quote name='Pook;48336]Is there a new' date=' based on the 1.9.1 orginal for rooting this version?[/QUOTE'] If your looking to maintain he 1.9.1 update then do this:put the following script (taken from vestinous /mnt/mtd/busybox/bin/su /mnt/mtd/busybox/bin/su.bakchown root:root /mnt/mtd/system/bin/suchmod 6777 /mnt/mtd/system/bin/suinto the file from 1.9.1 (line 204 on the 1.9.1 script- use notepad++)( can be found in the /script directory of the update...NB use 7zip NOT winzip)Copy the su file from within the vestinous/Ecotox/Relax script android.fs (rar file) in the directory /system/bin (inside the rar file) to the 1.9.1 script (into the same directory)install the firmware (usual way)install superuser.apk install a terminalgo into manage apps ( in settings on Eken ) then tick active debugthen restart and type su in terminalHowever.. if your looking for market to work... not been done yet.. me and every other "dev" has been trying..... no luck so far
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