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Thanks goes out to bardell3600 for the procedure noted below.

Please note. You tablet MUST BE ROOTED for this procedure to work as you will not be able to access and change permissions for folders within the system folder.

A. Install ES File Explorer (download from
B. Launch ES File Explorer and go to settings (bottom on screen three dots vertically aligned)
C. In Setting go to "Root setting" and check all 4 boxes
D. Download Phonesky.apk (
E. Move Phonesky.apk to /system/app/
F. Change Phonesky.apk permissions to rw- r-- r--
a. tap and long hold Phonesky.apk
b. select "properties" and change the permissions from there
Works Fine have download and installed from Play Store several Apps



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I can confirm this did work with es file explorer and changing the permissions. No crashes from the app and it automatically updated to google play store after the initial install is android market.
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