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This guide will let you integrate your 24 hour always-on home server to control your X10 modules using your android phone. This can also be done with any tablet that has 3g.


How this works in a nutshell
When you turn on your Android phone and press the All ON icon on your Android phone's desktop, it will send a SMS to your google voice account. The google voice account will then trigger and send an email to your new gmail account. Outlook will be scanning the incoming emails for the phrase 'Lights on'. Once it finds the phrase 'Lights on', it will launch the all_on_feedback.bat. This BAT file will turn on all your lights and launch the sendEmail app which will send your phone a SMS stating the lights were turned on.

You can turn the lights off by swapping the ON with OFF in the scripts. You will need to make a new rule in Outlook and Tasker. This is especially useful when you are not home and want to turn off your lights but need confirmation that your lights have been turned off.

Equipment/software needed
Home server OS:
Windows 7 ultimate
Software needed on Home server:
Office 2007
X10 modules used:
Wireless Transceiver Module (TM751)
Appliance Module 2-Pin Polarized (AM486)
X10 PC Transceiver USB Computer Interface X-10 (CM19A)
Android phone:
Samsung S2 (SPRINT!)
Software needed on Android phone:

Install the drivers for the CM19A from here

I have 3 main living areas: living room, dining room and bedroom.
Area - X10 module code
Living room - A11
Dining room - A12
Bedroom - A13

Guide: To turn on ALL your lights using a batch file without feedback notification

Create a batch file, let's call it all_on.bat
Inside, copy and paste this in then save

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\X10\Common\ahcmd.exe" sendplc A11 ON
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\X10\Common\ahcmd.exe" sendplc A12 ON
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\X10\Common\ahcmd.exe" sendplc A13 ON

Guide: To turn on ON your lights using your phone and have your server send you a text staying everything is ON

first download the software sendEmail, place it into a folder somewhere and remember the location
Create a batch file, let's call it all_on_feedback.bat
Modify your email information on the bottom of the service provider then save

What I would recommend is creating a gmail account with a google voice account(with number). Set up the google voice account to send an email to your new gmail account whenever it receives a text message. Now if you are a sprint customer, you will do what I did below. If you are NOT a sprint customer, replace with something below (dependent on your service).

T-Mobile: [email protected] (SMS and MMS)
Verizon: [email protected] ([email protected] for MMS)(limit TXT messages to 150 characters).
Cricket: [email protected] (SMS)
Fido: [email protected] (SMS)
ATT: [email protected] (SMS) or [email protected] (MMS)

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\X10\Common\ahcmd.exe" sendplc A11 ON
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\X10\Common\ahcmd.exe" sendplc A12 ON
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\X10\Common\ahcmd.exe" sendplc A13 ON
cd C:\location_where_sendEmail_is_located\
sendemail -f [email protected] -t [email protected] -s -xu [email protected] -xp sending_email_password -m All the lights are turned on, sir!

What to do on your Android phone
On your android phone, download and open Tasker.
Click on the Tasks tab,
Click on green plus symbol,
Name it 'All ON'
Click blue plus symbol,
Click phone,
Click Send SMS,
in the Number section, type in your google voice number
in the Message section, type in Lights on
Click green check symbol,
Click green check symbol,
Click green check symbol,

Place the widget 'Task Cuts' onto your Android phone's desktop,
select the 'All ON' task,

What to do on your server
On your Home server, install Office 2007 and open Outlook 2007.
Link your Outlook 2007 to the new gmail account you've created
Create a new rule,
everytime the number of your Android phone shows up in the 'from' section, with the words 'Lights on' in the body, launch the application all_on_feedback.bat

Go into the rules section of Outlook

Have a rule that states if an email is sent from your phone number with the phrase 'Living room on'

That it should delete that email (so it doesn't clutter up Outlook) and to launch an application

Click on all files at the bottom right and select the batch file you made

Finish up

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Or you can have a linux server (LAMP configuration) with the x10 firecracker and bottlerocket installed, then build a PHP page to send commands to it. Just be sure to properly permission your serial port. I have a nice little internal web page to control my Christmas tree this year

Google X10 PHP for some examples.
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