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Hi. We made the Apad...

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Hey there,My name is lixin, and I am part of the group in China that makes the Apad you all use. Our operations are small and humble, but we have a passion for Android and Google.Since loads very slowly in China, I regret to inform you all that I cannot afford frequent this community as often as I'd like. If you want to find me for something, you can find me at Gtalk/Gmail is [email protected]You can also find me on our QQ group, which is linked on our blog. I also invite you all to visit our blog, where we will be providing firmware updates for the device and answering some of your questions. Please keep it simple and bear in mind that our resources are limited for full out customer support. But we will do what we can. Our blog is at: We appreciate your comments!Thanks for supporting us by buying our product! Gallery of Pictures of Our Device
Edit: English speaking friend helped me modify this to be more legible for you all.
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Hi chip3c, I have 2 questions about apad.1. How can I made it as root access? I has tried Root Explorer, but it did not work.2. Apad come with usb cable for connection to PC, But when I connect apad to Window PC. It seemed that PC could not recognize Apad. How Can I mand it work? Thanks in advance.Momokun12
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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