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Hi from Michigan

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Hi all just purchased an Apad with the video camera. Mostly got it for internet browsing at the campsite and for the wife to have facebook access at home whilst I widdle away on my laptop. As my Avitar shows Im also a VW nut. Im hoping to have some fun optimizing the Apad while keeping it very usable for the wife. Hope to learn much from all to optimize my enjoyment with the Apad:cool:Dan
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Hello and welcome I am sure you will find all the answers you are looking for on the forum. I also tried to go to the link you provided but it was already gone. Please look around on the correct board for your device ,most of the answers have already been posted there.
Thanks for the welcome. I found an open auction on my same Apad from the same seller forward to getting the thing.Dan
that is a Apad/irobot . very nice it has the rockchip so I think you will appreciate the speed and the smoother scrolling. Also check Project Apex , Carnivore is taking one those bad boys and modding the beep beep out of it .
Cool Ill check into that. :cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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