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Hi everyone. I've been lurking on the forum for a few days after learning aboutthe site while searching for info on the Gentouch. This is a great site and I've learnedalot about my new device on here. I was considering an Archos 5IT when the Gentouch was advertised in the Kmart flyerback in July. At $149.00 it was alot cheaper than the Archos and had android 2.1 instead of the 1.6 of the Archos. Had to wait a week for some to come in but the first unit was defective and returned after having it one day. Since they were sold out, I had to wait a few weeks for more to come in and just picked up my new one this week. This one works great and updates have made it so much more useable. I think this device has alot of potential and look forward to further updates and hacks,etc. tomake it even better.
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