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I bought an Eken M001 second hand from ebay. The seller was quite accurate in the description in that the Eken was not what they wanted, hence selling it.It was in mint condition and cheap. How could I resist such a toy?.The box is comical. It claims an 800Mhz CPU. Yeah, right, OK... But thanks to Slatedroid and others, I knew exactly what I was buying. You know, I could get to quite like it. As stock, it really needs a task manager. The wireless works perfectly, when it can get a signal, but it looks like we've all been there. Hooking it into my wireless access point was painless and quick.Painless and quick also describes the web browser, which was a pleasant surprise. Like many others, I find the touch screen a bit iffy at times. When I want to drag, it selects. I guess I'll get used to the required pressure in time. The G sensor sometimes decides it needs a coffee, but other than that, no real complaints.I've yet to reflash it, and one mod I want to make is to have an external USB port, but other than that, for the money, what a fun little gizmo.
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