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I'm completely new to all this, but i want to root my Dropad a8. I need help. As in step by step instructions. Could anyone do a walkthrough, or maybe link me to one?
Whats about reading this thread from the start it has now been explained at least 10 times.
Or just flash a rooted rom like you find planty in the Firmware section.

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This thread is for the discussion of Gaining Root Access for the Herotab C8/Dropad A8.
Link: - Herotab C8/Dropad A8
- Other Names: New Style 7" Tablet, Haipad M7, Apad M7009​

Another possible alternate option:
Root Script by Ransagy


Possible Permanent Root Solution.

I have tested this on the C8 - it does not work quite as well as on the MID816
- I can say it works for the MID816

On the MID816 forum, quantumfusion posted a potential solution for permanent root access that he said worked on his device.

It was my assumption that the same files would work on the C8.
- I have tried it myself and I can say it "Sort Of" works...

After running the root.bat, I was able to open Root Explorer and got the SuperUser prompt... everything else doesn't appear to get it.
I am happy enough with Root Explorer though as it allows you to fix the Android Marketplace and do other basic settings changes.

Here is the link: http://www.4shared.c...2/opt-root.html

Per Google Translate: (w/ slight corrections based on assumptions by me)
Make sure the device is connected to the computer with a USB cable and the driver is installed.

If the above first step has been successful do the following:

Double-click root.bat
The machine will automatically restart, Then use a program that needs root privileges, and you will be surprised to find that Android has root.

Appears to be very straightforward and easy to do.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Rooting allows the system to be fully "unlocked" so that anything and everything can be modified or tweaked.

All it does is just unlocks the device

Yes. the z4root program as an un-root option.

It doesn't delete anything from the system.
It only slightly modifies some base entries, but nothing would affect your day to day.

No will you will not have to reload anything.

It is never a bad idea to backup the system at any given point in time before making changes.

There is no direct improvement in performance by rooting.
It just provides the pathway and allowance for external tweaking and performance increases.

Rooting will not open the market directly... there may be some additional fixes, BUT!
There is an updated firmware being release in a week or so that should provide Android Market Access.
it didnt work
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