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I bought a Rockchip Apad from eBay and am confused which model it is. There is an issue with the accelerometer I hope I can fix with a firmware update.The machine is 2gb model. It looks identical to an apad. It has:Metal backRuns 720p video finePlugs into pc via the lower USB slot nearest to headphone jack.Has a red led and 9v charger.The firmware on it had lots of Chinese symbols. When I google the keyboard is latin but characters appear on web in Chinese.Anyway the main problem with the unit is the accelerometer. When I have it in landscape mode with the front button pointing right it shows landscape correctly. When I rotate device so front facing button points down nothing happens on web or ebook. When I rotate again so front facing button is to the left it goes into portrait mode. I don't know if this is a hardware or software fault. I am hoping it's software so I can fix with a firmware update. When you update firmware do you get an option to calibrate the accelerometer?
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