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help with apad text typing characters please!! need to turn to english

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hey, i just bought a Apad, and my friend has one, but i am unable to get my screen to have the keypad like he does, its the same unit, he just cant rember what setting he changed to get that, any help would be GREAT!its set to english every where i can findthe problem keypad, notice the chinese characters above when typing + the numbers
the correct one i want
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Long press on a text box, select input method, and select Android keyboard
[quote name='evelbug;17350]Long press on a text box' date=' select input method, and select Android keyboard[/QUOTE'] I agree. Open up the web browser. Go to and do a long press on the text box until the keyboard selections appear. Pick Android keyboard instead of the Chinese characters.
Thanks yall. I was having the same problem...this fixed it right up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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