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hello all , i have my little project of my own , Farsi/Arabic on SlateDroid , and through help of a friend i was offered a .zip update file , since he was under the impression that i could simply use flash recovery to update the device. now our device does not have a flash recovery , so i asked him and he said as long as i am able to overwrite the contents of zip file onto system folder , it should work. and he suggested the android commander to be used for this purpose : i use macOS . and it was a pain to install android SDK and all it's updates on my tiny Giga U60 winXp SP3 UMPC , and then use the original cable of my ipod to connect the slatedroid to it and it gave me several errors in the midst : not finding the proper files , not having java machines installed , the last stage , i get this weird error the device is not found in android commander ,and nothing works . slatedroid is recognized as a USB mass storage device , and when i put it in debug mode , it shows nothing in andro commander. so my question is , has anyone managed to use adnroid commander with slatedroid? if yes, how?and if not , is there any alternative to push some system files onto it?cheers
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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