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Hi,i have been selling the Eken tablets for a while now and everything was fine until i decided to help one customer with finding a tablet that could use a dongle.Well the tablet wasnt upto scratch and i agree with him,he asked for a Eken M003 as a replacement i am now losing ?20 on deal but just want to sort it,its not his fault but for future sales i want to make good. 2 days later i am waiting for delivery of my next stock,customer opens a dispute with paypal because i have missed one of his emails now in his defence he did want it as asap as he was going away for a few weeks.He would have recieved as well if he had not opened dispute with a day to spare, but no,anyway part of deal was a Rii Mini will not return that but now expects full refund,sorry but no,i got it him for half price as it was, but no, not free,then says will still accept M003 already sold his ready for refund when i get Mini,i am waiting for next lot of stock his is in there,not happy going to police,Good.Anyway sorry about that,i recommend this sight to all my customers and so do a few other sellers so please all i ask if is somebody comes on the Buyer Beware section that small sellers that are trying, have the right to defend themselves,its bad enough trying to cope with customs and certain sellng sites as it is.It would be nice to have a place where it says seller recommended for a change.My apologies for long post
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