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Headphone hiss

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Hello,I have a defective M001 (thanks to pandawill) and I have a lot of hiss with the headphones, usually is a problem in the welding of the jack impossible to repair without change the motherboard. Somebody knows if that DealExtreme: $4.54 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack/Data Port Adapter for iPod Nano3/Classic/Touch/iPhone can work in the M001?Is there any android application to reduce the hiss?Thanks
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I have 2 M001's & they both have a slight audio hiss on headphones, noticable when there is no actual audio being played.
My M001 has the hiss too same as rocky289 it is noticeable when there is no audi0 playing. I think this is a manufacturing issue and will likely be on all M001 (just speculating here).
Thanks for your answers, but in my MID the hiss is not slight, is very loud, and noticable also when a song or a movie is being played (in fact, I can?t use the headphones). I've asked others M001 owners, and their EKEN work fine with headphones.What do you think about the DX adaptor?Regards
I don't think M001 supports audio through this connector. Even if it do, the pin out probably will be different.
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