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Any updates on this? hoping i can use this with my EX900 ?

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Well i have been playing around with the wince Hopelessness firmware, i have it installing great on the EX900, which is basically a flytouch. Only problem is the touch screen isnt working yet.

When the ex900 boots wince, the screen goes to static for a few seconds before it loads wince, i believe its trying to load the touchscreen calibration screen, but with the wrong settings in the scriptcmd its not able to load.

Without knowing the touch screen setting to use in the scriptcmd, im not getting to far with this, been trying different settings for 3 days now with no lock.

So ill post the scriptcmd below in the hope someone else maybe able to suggest the right ones that will work for this firmware and the driver. The first line is the one that i believe is wrong. Anyone got any ideas ?

setenv lcdparam 1,30000,8,800,480,48,40,40,3,29,13
setenv board_name WM8505
setenv TouchIC true
setenv NoBootProgressBar 1
setenv NoBootInformation 1
setenv battvoltlist 6600,6989,7174,7319,7400,7431,7511,7639,7772,7939,8254
setenv bLowVoltShutdown 1
setenv audio.recordselect MicIn
setenv audio.gpio 3
setenv audio.ic WM9715
setenv pwmparam 0,4,599,599
setenv EthernetIC 0
setenv gpiostate 3
setenv regop D8110064|C,D811008C|C,D81100B4&~4,D81100B4|8,D8130054|1
setenv raminfo
setenv rominfo
setenv cpuinfo

setenv flash_safeaddr 4000000
setenv flash_bmpaddr 7800000
setenv bootdelay 1

setenv SHOW_LOGO 1
setenv LCD_ENABLE 1
setenv LCD_ID 1
setenv BMP_ADR 3C00000
setenv LCDC_FB 7900000
setenv CxScreen 320
setenv CyScreen 1E0
setenv LOGO_STRING Loading OS Image ...
setenv X_LTEXT 116
setenv Y_LTEXT 166

setenv logocmd nand readblob ${BMP_ADR} ${flash_bmpaddr};logo show
setenv bootcmd nand readblob 100000 0;go 100000

setenv this_job_desc System_Update
fatload mmc 0 ${BMP_ADR} script/logo.bmp
logo show
textout 60 30 "${board_name} ${this_job_desc} after 5 seconds" ff0000
sleep 1
textout 60 30 "${board_name} ${this_job_desc} after 4 seconds" ff0000
sleep 1
textout 60 30 "${board_name} ${this_job_desc} after 3 seconds" ff0000
sleep 1
textout 60 30 "${board_name} ${this_job_desc} after 2 seconds" ff0000
sleep 1
textout 60 30 "${board_name} ${this_job_desc} after 1 seconds" ff0000
sleep 1

textout 60 30 "${board_name} ${this_job_desc} running..." ff0000
setenv this_job_desc

textout 60 190 "1. Upgrading logo ..." ffff00
fatload mmc 0 20000 script/logo.bmp
nand writeblob 20000 ${flash_bmpaddr} ${filesize}
textout 60 220 "......Upgrade logo successful!" 00ff00

textout 60 250 "2. Upgrading normal mode ..." ffff00
fatload mmc 0 FFFF8 script/normal_nk.nb0
nand writeblob FFFF8 0 ${filesize}
textout 60 280 "......Upgrade normal mode successful!" 00ff00

textout 60 310 "3. Upgrading safe mode ..." ffff00
fatload mmc 0 FFFF8 script/safe_nk.nb0
nand writeblob FFFF8 $(flash_safeaddr) ${filesize}
textout 60 340 "......Upgrade safe mode successful!" 00ff00

sleep 1
go 100000
sleep 1

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With the above settings the device now loads WinCE, but fails to load the touchscreen driver, you never get the touchscreen calibration.

But if i change setenv TouchIC to the value of 1, instead of true. Then the situation changes somewhat. Now WinCE will install, but will not move past the loading OS screen on the reboot, but if you let the tablet go into power save mode on the loading os screen, and the screen goes off, then touch the screen, it wakes up, this tells me that the touchscreen driver is loaded, but for some reason WinCE never fully loads, so it never finnishes brining you to the touchscreen calibnration.

So im making progress, but need help from someone which more undertsanding.
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