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Hard disk Mod

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Hi guys I was just browsing a netbook forum and it gave me an idea would it be possible to install a 1.8 in harddisk ? into the M001 tablet if so how would you go about coneting the thing ? any ideas or is this LALA land and not technically possible
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Just a thing, eh.... A member here is trying to do it by instaling an Zune 30GB harddrive to the MID. I'm not sure how he's going to do it but he might use an USB/SATA or USB/IDE adapter to plug into a newly installed USB hub (that's not necessary as there are 2 unused usbs inside).
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I was thinking it must be a 1.8 to zif/sata Harddisk adapter of some sort where are the unused usb,s on the mainborad ?
itanium;9282 said:
(that's not necessary as there are 2 unused usbs inside).
Are there really, I read somewhere else that there is no USB port left in the M001
There's at least one in there so he plugged an USB HUB there. The other ports may be used to whatever he wants. His name is Carnivore.The deal is that he had issues related to device's detection (they only got detected by system when inserted or removed, wouldn't work after regular boot). You guys might find his posts. Lots of interesting hacks and mods.I don't remember it all but there was a great deal of stuff related to him.
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