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Happy in the Garden State

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Hey guys, I'm Mike from New Jersey and new to Apad and the site! I am going to grad school in Uk in about 5 weeks so I bought a few toys to use and make life a little easier. I bought the red led Apad irobot Android, with Rockchip. I got to tell you, wasn't happy with it or even impressed. I just downloaded custom firmware from this site and flashed it about a half hour ago....OMG! Love this works! It runs really really fast now...and yup, IT'S IN ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys! I followed the steps in the forum for everything, from driver install, to flashing. Wow can not believe how easy and quick it updated. I am impressed with it now and more importantly you guys and this site! With pressures of going overseas to school, away from family and friends, having a way to keep in touch with them is so very important. Now with a fully functional portable web device, that fits in a pocket, that makes it even easler! Thank you,Mikee:D
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im new to. Where do I learn about firmware revision?
I followed threads and used sites files. I also googled Hipad and found some stuff too.
Which firmware did you use? Ill be getting mine today and will be installing a custom firmware asap.
Hi Mike!I'm from NJ too and I have a British heritage. I've never been to the UK, so enjoy it for me. Make sure to have some steak pie and meat pies for me. If you're a vegetarian, then you are stuck with boiled potatoes and turnips!
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