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[GUIDE] Tutorial "How to" flash the Samsung Galaxy Tab FW to enable phone calls
Below you'll find a "step by step" tutorial on how to flash your Samsung Galaxy Tab Firmware to the European version ( unbranded firmware ) and therefore enabling the phone calls option ( and 3G data + 850/1900Mhz WCDMA ) that has been purposely stripped out by certain providers, Ex: Bell, At&t, T-Mobile, rogers etc..

What do you need?
Download the following package:

Code: What's in it?

  • Kies_2.0.0.11011_16_5.exe
  • Odin3 v1.31
  • P1000XWJJ4
  • P1000XXJK5
  • modem_bell_i9000


A. After downloaded the package and extracted with 7zip Install and then reboot: Kies_2.0.0.11011_16_5.exe (this will install properly drivers x86 or 64 depending on your OS configuration, needed for your Tab and Odin to communicate correctly ).

B. Extract Odin3_v1.31_PITupdate and put the all the files contained in P1000XWJJ4 into Odin3 v1.31 source folder.

. Set you Samsung Tab into "Download mode" ( Hold volume down and power button until the device boot up. You'll see a yellow android sign and some warning text like :do not turn off target) and connect it to your PC with the USB cable.

. Start Odin3 v1.31.exe and make sure that the com post is yellow highlighted and check off Re-partition.

. Load the following files as shown in the screenshot below:

F. Hit Start and then relax, hopefully it is going to be ok and in about 2. min and 50 you'll get a green highlight and pass stamp in the same Odin screen which will also reboot the Tab. It will be In Russian, but not to worry. keep reading below.

G. Turn offf the tab and set it to download mode again. Transfer over the Odin folder the P1000XXJK5.tar file re-start Odin, Connect the phone.

H. Leave the "Re-partition" unticked and load into "PDA" the tar file. Hit "Start" and wait again about 2min and 50 sec, you'll get the same green pass and the tab will reboot.

I. This is the final step. now you are going to flash the tab with the right Modem files. Again like Put the Tab into download mode unpack the into Odin folder then start Odin up and select "phone". Load the modem.bin up and hit Start. Wait for the Green pass and you are DONE!!!

[note]In order to have Internet and mms going you need to set the right APN settings. Google your provider for specifics.[/note]

Bell canada has the following Settings:

<br />
Name: Bell Internet <br />
APN: <br />
Proxy: <br />
Port:  <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/mega_shok.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='80' /><br />
MMSC: [url=""][/url] <br />
MMS proxy: <br />
MMS port:  <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/mega_shok.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='80' /><br />
MCC: 302 <br />
MNC: 610 <br />
APN type: Internet + mms <br />
Authentication Type: none<br />
Are you wondering where the APN settings are?

1. Press the Menu key
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap Wireless controls
4. Tap Mobile networks
5. Tap Access Point Names
6. Press the Menu key
7. Tap New APN.
8. Enter your settings


Originally Posted by clubtech

If you see missing apps from the market it is because XXJK5 is not an official firmware and the market is not showing protected apps.
To change this you will need to edit the build.prop file under /system and change the fingerprint.

If you are lazy you can do the following:

1) root the tab
2) install busybox from the market, open the app and install busybox from within the app.
3) install GST from the market
4) go top step 6 in the app "change your fingerprint" ad run the script
5) go to setting > applications > manage applications > ALL > find "market", force stop and clear data
6) reboot the tab, reopen the market - you should see all apps now.

Tutorial By: Neuropass How to flash the Samsung Galaxy Tab FW to enable phone calls
Original Poster: clubtech @XDA

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Hi, does anyone know where to find the screen shot referred to in section E ???

Without this missing screen shot, this wonderful guide is impossible to follow.
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