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When setting up to nvflash my G-Tablet to recover from an install problem, I couldn't flash
because my computer couldn't find the driver to install that would let my Windows 7 64-bit
PC talk to my G-Tablet. Turns out that the file set I was using for nvflash did not have
the drivers in it.

Per Roebeet's sticky thread I went to:

and downloaded the Windows files:

The second file with "windows" in the middle has the nvflash program in it and also has
an Android USB .inf file listed in it. After working with it, however, I found that it
does not have the drivers to go with the .inf file. So I searched all over Nvidia's site
and everywhere else looking for USB drivers.

Then I remembered that I had downloaded a copy of Advent Vega's USB files while
researching one day. I extracted it and put it in my NVFlash folder and tried flashing again.

When I connected my tablet to the PC, the PC immediately tried to load a driver -- but since
it didn't know where my files were it failed. I then went to Start/Control Panel/Device
Manager and found APX listed in the devices with a yellow "!" (exclamation point) on the icon.
I then selected the APX item and found the "Update Driver" button and clicked it. When it
ask where to search, I took the local computer manual selection choice and told it to Browse.

I then pointed Browse (and the USB install) at the "USB" directory under "SystemUSB" in my
NVFLash folder. (The SystemUSB folder actually has a "Flash USB driver" folder under it with
the "USB" folder under it.) I suppose when you extract from the original you could just put
the "USB" folder in the NVFlash directory.

When pointed at the "USB" directory, the driver installed and I was ready to nvflash.

I did this myself successfully. I have read posts from two other folks who also have used
this successfully. So I believe it works fine.

But, of course, I urge you use caution and can't promise something could go wrong.
Disclaimer complete.)

The USB driver download is at:

Find the "Downloads" tab in the middle of the page and click on "USB System Driver" to
get the files.

I hope this helps.

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