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for those who has the N80RK, the current latest official ROM is dated 0506. This ROM does not come with Google Play Store, you'll need to sideload it yourself. Here's a short guide.

1. Install the 0506 ROM. If you don't know where to get the ROM, you can download it from my Google Drive, here.

2. Root the ROM. Here's a short and simple guide to teach you how to root your ROM.

3. Install Lucky Patcher. Then follow these steps. Do not install Google Play now.

1. Install latest Lucky Patcher
2. Run Lucky Patcher > Menu > Select 'Patch to Android'
3. Select √ 'Signature Verify always True' and 'Disable Zip Signature Verify' > Apply > Yes
4. After reboot go to 'Patch to Android' and check (Patch applied). If applied exit from Lucky patcher. otherwise do 3rd step again.
5. Backup current Google play with Titanium backup if you want to restore original version in case.
6. Rename downloaded '' and transfer to sd card.
- GingerBread users > rename to 'Vending.apk'
- ICS / Jelly Bean users > rename to 'PhoneSky.apk'
7. Open Root Explorer and copy/replace renamed apk to '/system/app/' folder
8. Set permissions rw-r-r- and Reboot
9. Done.
4. Download the Google Play Services from here. Only the Google Play Services! Install it normally
5. Lastly download the generic Play Store APK from here. Copy and rename it as per the steps above.

Alternatively, it may be possible to download the gapps package, but I havent give that a try yet.
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