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The credits go to all who developed and provided helpful guides which made porting CM7 to HP Touchpad possible.
The guide arrived from the following two main sources:


Note: The following procedure is written specifically for Win7 computer. I tested and it worked as explained in the following steps.
Disclaimer: The guide is provided as is, without any warranty. User accepts all risks.

A> Instructions for a fresh install:

1. Install the Palm Novacom software for computer.
1.1. Option 1: Download software for Windows from the HP website
After downloaded and installed, novacomd folder should be at "c:\Program Files (x86)\HP webOS\SDK\bin\novacomd".
1.2. Option 2: Download . Then double click WebOSQuickInstall-4.3.1.jar to run. If Java was pre-installed, a window will open with the message 'no device found'. Click 'reinstall novacomd'. This will install a directory "c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\novacomd". Click Cancel to exit then Reboot the PC.

The directory, where 'novacom.exe' is resided, is required for the next steps.

2. Download:
Three files from the RootzWiki forum
One file from the Moboot project
One file gApps installer for CyanogenMod from or from

Check point, you should have these 5 files:

3. Unzip the ACMInstaller file to the same directory where "novacom.exe" is installed, see section <1>

4. Connect HP TouchPad to computer with a USB cable.

5. On the TouchPad there should be a USB notification. Tap the symbol to mount tablet as a USB mass storage device on your computer.

6. Open a file browser on computer and create a new folder on HP TouchPad called "cminstall" (without the quote).

7. Copy the,, files, and into that directory. Copy all the files in their zip format. Do not unzip them.

8. Eject the Touchpad from the computer, but keep the usb connected.

9. Now it's time to reset HP TouchPad. To do that follow these steps:

Tap the home button and then hit the arrow key to bring up a list of applications.
Navigate to Settings.
Choose Device Info.
Select the red Reset Options button at the bottom.
Tap the Restart option on the following screen.

10. As soon as the screen goes dark, start holding the Volume Up button - don't let go until you see a big USB symbol on tablet's display.

11. The computer might take a moment to recognize the TouchPad.

11. Once it's recognized, open a cmd terminal and navigate to the Palm Novacom directory. On a Windows computer you can do this by following these steps:

Click on the Start Menu.
Type "cmd" (without quotes) into the search box.
A terminal window should open up - but you're in the wrong directory.

11.1 If you use Option 1 in step <1> to install novacomd, then:
Type "cd c:\Program Files (x86)\HP webOS\SDK\bin" (without quotes) and press enter. You should be in the directory where 'novacom.exe' is resided.

11.2 If you use Option 2 in step <1> to install novacomd, then:
Type "cd c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc" (without quotes) and press enter. You should be in the directory where 'novacom.exe' is resided.

12. Enter the following command (without quotes) and hit return: "novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller".

For the next few minutes you should see text flying across your screen. When it's done, the HP TouchPad will boot into CM7

B> Instruction to get back to webOS:

Press and hold the power button.
Choose the reboot option.
Then select "reboot to webOS" from the next menu.
C> Instruction to boot into CWM recovery

Press and hold the power button on tablet.
Choose the Reboot option.
Select Recovery from the next menu.
Tablet will reboot to ClockworkMod Recovery.
D> Recovery

1> In case of CM7 won't boot, or freeze. do these in order and if problem is not fixed, do the next line, otherwise finish:
- Reboot (if fixed stop, if not next line)
- Boot into ClockWork-Recovery: Clear Dalvik Cache, Wipe Cache Partition, Clear Battery Stats, Fix Permissions (Do this line regularly anyway, wait as reboot is slower than usual) (if not fixed, next line)
- If system is frozen: Press Power + Home buttons together for at least 30 seconds
- Re-install Alpha CM7 zip file: Copy to Touchpad and apply in ClockWork-Recovery (either name it in SDCard root or browse to it.
- Restore a system back up you made earlier via ClockWork-Recovery
- Do factory reset in CWR too if nothing works and reinstall CM7.



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It works fairly well. Haven't seen any sod like htr said yet.
the installation went very smooth. Still like the webos though, LOL

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Update 12/4/2011
CM7 Alpha3
. Download and transfer file to touchpad. Hold power button on TP until power key menu appears, select Reboot, then select recovery.
. In clockwork recovery, make a nandroid backup.
. Wipe cache and dalvik cache. Do NOT wipe data.
. Use the 'install zip' from SD card option, browse to the zip, and select it.

[vB1.1][CM7 XRON-ified][CM7.1 Alpha 3][Updated 12/3/2011]
Changelog 12/3/2011
Flash thru recovery. Wipe/factory reset/ wipe cache, and flash.

Misc Tweaks


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