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here is how to install the android market and google apps to your arnova 9 G2

this worked for me, you do not need a rooted device

download this:

Click here to downloads the Files

download and extract the .rar and save the files onto your device, place in the downloads folder or somewhere you will remember, use the file manager to navigate to the folder and install the apps in this order

-1.Google Services Framework

-2.OneTime Initializer

-3.Setup Wizard




1) After installing all the Google Market files go try to login to Gmail. You will get an error, don't worry you are ment to
2) Now go into settings and manage apps. Click on Google framework. Clear the data if you have the option also the cache
3) Do the same thing for Gmail and clear the data if you have the option also the cache
4) turn of and on again.
5) DON'T launch the market but launch Gmail and login. It should work.
6) Now you can launch the Market.
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