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I thought I would post this as I will not have a Rena3 of my own for a few weeks to apply the finishing touches to the 2.3 firmware I've been working on, and will likely not release another version of my ROM till I obtain a spare Rena3.

So you want to know the tricks behind full market? I did too, once I noticed I couldn't find some very common Android apps I had used on my phones with the Rena3 firmwares. So I spent some time researching that information and compiled this guide from what I gathered on various sites and through testing.

Unfortunately there's no certain way to get all the apps from the market. You'll find that with our devices, things like the free version of ADW launcher won't show up because of some very minor graphic settings, and without changing those settings some apps just aren't going to be there. If you change these settings, your device is likely to be incompatible with other programs, or the interface may not appear as you want.

First you need to change some settings in the build.prop. I'm not giving the step-by-step method, you may find it in some other post on this board. This is for advanced users, and as always making these changes may cause issues with your device, or even brick your device, because they are non-factory settings. The basic settings are as follows:

Froyo: 2.2.1 FRG83 60505 release-keys

ro.product.device=crespo 2.3.4 GRJ22 121341 release-keys

Some keys here:

1. Be sure that your ROM version matches the information you replace in your build.prop, or your likely to have issues. So if you have Gingerbread, you have ROM version 2.3.X, and for Froyo it's 2.2.X. These need to match on properties throughout your system, or you may get a message in the market indicating several apps are not compatible with your system.

2. The most important properties here are description and fingerprint. In fact with the Rena3, that's all many people change to get a broader market app list.

3. Check another build.prop to see how it's setup. You'll see that many are set to mimic a device other than the Rena3. Check what your phone has if you feel it has better access. Beware though, untested settings may have severe consequences.

Now check the market, see what you can find. Some people test for number of entries for things like "video player" or "3D Game". My test also typically included a game named "Lane Splitter". Satisfied?

There are more things you may want to do. You may be able to do some of these rather quickly by downloading an app off the market known as "market enabler". I believe there is more than 1.

1. Set carrier properties for more applications in your build.prop. Setting to Verizon and T-Mobile seem to work most efficiently, and many build.prop files contain a hybrid of both. These can be found with a Market Enable app, the 2 that worked best for me were:


2. Set your OpenGL version in your build.prop. This really opens a lot of graphic intensive applications up for install, by letting them know you have an OpenGL 2.0 capable device.
ro.opengles.version = 131072
AFAIK 65536 = EGL 1.0, 65537 = EGL 1.1, 131072 = EGL 2.0
*May require a version check of your and/or other files (probably not with most Rena ROMS)

3. Use the "getprop" command to list your properties and find where more changes may be made to improve your market.

4. Rooting your device will give you access to more applications like Ad Free, Titanium Backup, Superuser, etc.

5. This setting has been known to have some effect on Market access:

6. Be sure to set your language and country in your build.prop, or someone else's language and country...

7. Update your market to the latest version. 3.3.11 is the latest as of this writing. Here's the download:
I've found in some cases just force stopping, clearing cache, then logging back into market will update your market automatically.

8. Some people have had luck with the following settings:


Just leaving them blank will help in some cases.

There are several other methods to getting Enhanced/Extended/Full Market. I'm not going into much more detail here, because usually they gain you minimal access.

That should get you most apps, but you will likely never get them all for one device, because some apps are specifically made for certain devices, some for certain versions of android, and the aforementioned graphics settings, to name a few.

There are other "quick hacks" to get full market in some versions of android, but those don't expose as many of the apps as these will. One other important thing to note, and part of one of those quick hacks, is that you may have to clear the cache on the market, force stop, and then clear data, then reboot for this to work.

Please post your hacks for the Market and I will add links to them in this first post!

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Lanosalf's missing permissions

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Also, you need to put the missing permission in /system/etc/permission.
For some apps is a MUST. If not, some apps won't show up in market, and others will indeed be available but the blue "install" button won't and so you won't be able to install them. Really!!
Changing the build.prop and adding missing permissions. Both are needed.
See here for more info:

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Oh, cool. So those are missing files essentially in some builds, or maybe you find them in ROMs for other devices. These seem to show the device's capabilities, or at least list them. I will add a link in the original post to your more detailed information.
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