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Hi everyone

I've spent I don't know now how many hours trying to fix the Gsensor of my Ainol Hero 10.

It stopped working after installing Christian Troy's CM 10.2. The files were: cm-10.2-20131130-UNOFFICIAL-elf2 ; Gapps ; hero-cm10.2-multiuser_compatibility-rc9.

I tried modifyng the build.prop "sf.gsensorposition" and bma250/mma.sf.gensorposition from 0 to 7 and combinatories and nothing. Also the gsensor.cfg file.

I think my sensor is BM250. Getevent -p doesn´t bring much information. BM250 calibration app does nothing aswell.

I don't know what else to try but to downgrade.

Can anyone upload a build.porp file, gensor.cfg file and/or (lib/hw)?? Maybe if I overwrite them with ones that function well for others it could work.

Thanks in advance for reading, I know there isn't much people left in this particular forum :p.
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