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Greetings from Aotearoa

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Hey all.Recently got my first Android, a 7 inch touch tablet, which I really just want to read books on, for now, but I have had enough flirting with Linux to want to look further into this, sometime. Anybody tried to port Puppy into one of these, somehow?I have been an analyst/developer of Health IT solutions for several decades, and still retain a passion for Health IT (one day. we *will* make the perfect electronic healthcare record. one day) Heh.Work keeps me focused on .net, web interfaces, background data services etc, and my specialty is in legacy systems integrations, HL7 electronic messaging, and occassionallly interesting interfacing with clinical devices and such.Oh, and I play a little Team Fortress 2... now and then.Les Ferguson.WaitakereAotearoa - sometimes called New Zealand.
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