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Greetings and Some Questions

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Hello everyone,I am Quad from Turkey, and new to all this android tablets. I am planning on buying one or two, but i figured i should ask about to more expreienced people before purchasing from a random unknown chinese dealer on a site i saw for the first time.I am a computer science and engineering student, written some small android apps as school projects for android mobile phones.Now for my questions,Is really differ too much between diffrent branded tablets?what is the best place to buy such devices on the internet? I prefer DHL or UPS.Is there any android 2.2 tablets yet?(does not need to come preinstalled does any of the devices can be updatable to 2.2?)Which one is the most popular in numbers? I am guessing the most used one would be most supported one by the community.(easier to update/fix problems?)My only really care about being able to update 2.2 other than that does not really matter.Thanks in advance.
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it would be very cool if someone can answer my questions.Thanks
Android 2.2 tablets are starting to roll out now.
Many Android tables have been announced but not many produced yet. If you're in a hurry just get the Eken M001, if you can wait few more months many more will be available with Android 2.2 loaded. I have used GPad with 2.1 loaded, but it's poorly made and the screen response is terrible. My M001 with Vestinious build, works just fine. 2.1 is faster and supports Adobe reader, 1.6 does not. If you're looking to buy, just go to, you can get M001 for $100 shipped.
what about a81e devices does it worth it or will the eken m001 will do fine for me?
The a81e is MUCH faster than the Eken m001. They are generations apart. (Eken m001 is the grandparent, rockchip 2808 is the parent, and the telechips are the children. The cortex A8 is the newborn
so i better wait for a cortex tablet with g-sensor and better screens etc? i guess nationite and wits does not have g-sensor.
The A81e is a great device from what I can see. I own a Eken M001 with the updates found here it rocks!However, I also own the Moonse e 7001 and the Gpad G10 Both have better processors. Both cost more.Better screens and more durable feel. After hearing about the new Samsung pad and other makers. I'd wait untilNext month or November. If you feel you really want one then the Moonse e 7001 with the update here is great andcan be found for $140.00. The Eken unit is often under $100.00 and the M002 is around $110.00 Be forewarned they use a Via chipset andwhile its cool not as nice or fast as a Rockchip. To do again after having what I have. WAIT.
thanks for the input everybody.It's not really urgent, i am going to wait.If HP and other mainstream tablets turn out to be good and with good price tag, i may go for them too.Thanks.
All the Eken units I know use a Via processor. While the Eken is nice its just not as good as a Rock chip or Tele chipprocessor equipped device. The Ekens are using a older version of Android. I have a Eken M001 and it works well withthe Android Rom developed by members here. However not as well as the Moonse e 7001 or 7002 Spend a bit moreand consider a Gpad , A81 e, Herotab or a device with a better processor and more ram. Notice many of theEken units have 128 vs. 256 with the units I mentioned and Android 2.1.
You get what you pay for.
This is NOT a well made quality product. Its a inexpensive alternate to the other pads. For a few dollars more youcould have gotten a better pad with a nicer screen and decent processor. Pads like the Moonse are only$30.00 more but feature a faster processor able to do more. Nicer screen and better build quality. A member saidit best, 'You get what you pay for'
I could not wait any longer, and Google made sort-of suggestions about not supporting chinese tablets, so then i got a Samsung Galaxy Spica(in US and some Parts of EU)/Lite(in EU)/Portal(T-mobile) (i5700) Mobile Phone for 400 TL (~€200) from local samsung retailer. Altough released nearly one year ago, the device is perfect, have android store and all google apps, has multitouch(you need to flash a modified version of the rom though.), a great sensitive capacitive screen(bad visibility under direct sunlight though, but not so bad.), has a real 800mhz processor, 3G connectivity, A-GPS,accerelometer etc. all you can ask from an android device, that phone has.comes with 1.5 cupcake, offical 2.1 rom is available, custom 2.2 versions with multi touch are also available, official 2.2 version is coming soon i hope.
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