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Just received a PIPO S2 - performance seems as good as my M1, but at boot-up, there is an error message "Unfortunately, the process has stopped" comes up.
With my Google account, gmail and calender works, but Google Play force closes after opening or when activating the notification of updates available.
I have tried deleting my Google account then signing in my account again, re-booting, downloading and side-loading a Google Play app,etc., but with no success. Google Play on my PC has PIPO S2 registered, but will not download apps.
Can anyone offer any advice - I have downloaded a gapps_fix zipped file but don't know how to use it.

Edit: Managed to get it working but not sure how! Did a hard reset with the recessed button, and used the App Manager to launch Google Play. It took a while to see the installed apps, and eventually downloaded a new app. Was then able to open it normally and update existing apps. Will try to root it when I've got the courage.
hi. as tu resolu ton probleme ? i hope so. ma PIPO S2 doit arriver prochainement. a ton avis, il est mieux que je cree un new Google account pour pouvoir utiliser Google Play ? it's my first.. thanks.
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