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Google: Augen's $150 iPad rival using pirated Android, what about PDN?

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"The GenTouch78 is using software it shouldn't have from an "unauthorized vendor" and has bypassed the usual legal channels.The observations leave Kmart stocking what amounts to illegal devices on its shelves and suggests Augen will be making a quick exit from the tablet market in the US."!!!!!????? Anyone know how PD fares on this issue?Full article:Google: Augen's $150 iPad rival using pirated Android | ElectronistaGoogle: Augen's Use of Android Market Unauthorized
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Uh... no...
It's just the "Google Experience" stuff, which requires the seller to have a license to package it together, and Google isn't licensing Market to anyone w/o a phone. Pandigital is just using the base Android, so as far as I know, they should be OK.For a little backstory, this sort of started when Cyanogen started doing his mods. Google Legal sent a C&D saying he can't package Google Market because proprietary partnership blah blah blah.....basically it's google's code (and not officially part of android. It's more as if any other company had written an Android app, it just happens to be the same company that wrote Android). I think some Android developers at Google sort of intervened (since they didn't have a huge problem with it), and worked out a solution where Cyanogen was fine releasing his stuff, so long as the google experience stuff wasn't included. Cyanogen developed a method for people to back up the Google Experience stuff from their existing phones (since almost all of the phones have it), and then just reinstall after CM was installed. What seems to have come to pass is that a seperate "GooglyBits"/"Google Experience"/whatever you want to call it package is released separately from CM for people to use to install google stuff if they want to.I'm not sure if it is technically legal for it to be done that way, or if it's more of a mutual agreement that Google will let it slide if done that way, but I've never seem someone harassed over "Google Bits" packages being hosted. On the other hand, a for-profit company packaging google's code without google's consent is quite a different story, and I can see why they're in trouble.Augen has also been hosting various Android Freeware such as EStrong's Explorer. I doubt they have permission for that as well. That doesn't really give me a good impression of the company.
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