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Is there anything that will prevent any of the Google Apps from installing back onto this device. I have them from the Cyanogen Mod update for my G1.EDIT: (If you do what I origninally did you will soft-brick and potentially ruin your device, you were warned.OK, I tried installing induvidually based on an package of apks that I found for the Archos tablet. I got youtube to install and work on audio, but video was a no go, gmail installed and booted but immediatly force closed. I dug too deep and tried to to install everything and it soft-bricked my device. I did some digging on the forums and found a post about this in the APAD forums:This is all courtesy of GYOKER:You need two libraries in /system/framework. Grab it from another phone (the libraries are something like*.jar).Also you need the "permission" files, these have the same name, but with .xml extension, and they are located in /system/etc/permission.Then you need some more apks: SetupWizard, checkin, GoogleApps, GoogleSubscribedFeedsProvider, GMailProvider, GMail. As far as I remember these are the bare minimum. You should put these in /system/app
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