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Good Day -- Introduction

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Hi -- I am looking for suggestions and details on a good starter tablet that will allow me to experiment with creating a ROM and writing code for the tablet.Please send me any responses. Thanks in advance
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Well it depends on version of android you want an budget. M001 is inexpesive has several people writing ROMs for it. Good for getting help, but harder to get people to try your 'Yet Another ROM'. Also it is Android 1.6.For a little more money you can get an apad. Better CPU and has GPU. It is android 1.5. but you could join the project to port froyo to it.Next step up is the PDN/GT78 More Ram faster CPU/GPU android 2.x Sales /Rebates make these a bargain right nowThere are more beyond these A81-E, ZT-180, etc But I would not call them a 'Starter Tablet'See Compare Slates - Wiki for more info.
First -- Thanks for your response. I had a GenTouch and returned it after having H/W issue and no response from the company (could be they were overloaded). I have not replaced it and was looking for input. I think the M001 may be good for early work and getting some experience but not sure if that is well spent money. Would the M002 be any different? I will look at the APAD as it sounds like that is an active platform. Let me review the link you sent and will plan on commenting back as I have relevant updates.Have a great day.
Also, have you any feedback on the GPAD (from Pandawill)? I am looking at the G12 from their site.
Any thoughts to a Rockchip 2808 vs Telechips TCC8902 ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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