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Gingerbread for Onda Vi10 Elite

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Hi All

Can we have gingerbread on Vi10 Elite ?
I am sure that due to bugs in ICS and lack of hardware acceleration ,we can not get most out of it.
Most of the Ainol,s user have downgraded for better compatibility and performance.

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Been around for awhile, first time posting. I have had my Onda for about two weeks now and I DO NOT LIKE ICS, I think it's Google's Blunder (maybe Jelly Bean will be better), I would love to see Gingerbread on this tablet. I have downloaded a few A10 firmware ROM's and tried to install them with only one that would even load. Found them on this website (, Android Tablet Firmware; with the one being the 2012-28-02-GemeiG9-GB-2.3.4-Firmware: When I rebooted after flashing, the rom loaded up to the point where the options screen (in chinese) appeared, then it would lock up. I think this could be a good starting point for some of the great rom dev's out there to modify this rom so gingerbread could be used on this fantastic tablet.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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