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Hello everyone,

I'm new as you can see from the number of posts, but i have some knowledge of Linux as i've been using it for few years now.

I've started making a new OS for our tablets by simply updating a Gentoo stage3 i've found around here in the forum. I've managed to have few packages emerged and is taking shape as i want. (from here)

It currently have system synced plus Webmin and Apache.

I'm having minor problems with USE flags but they're easy to solve. I want to know if someone wants to help and in case i'll upload an image updated of this OS.

I'm currently in need of help for building the kernel as i've tried many times and none of the kernel i've compiled worked =(

I'll post an image as soon as someone says that it will help =)

Thanks in advance, you can write me here:

Xawos at mail dot com
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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