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The AirTV media box is produced by AirTV L.L.C. which is a subsidiary of The Dish Network. It can currently be purchased directly from The AirTV box competes with other well known TV media boxes such as the Roku Box/Stick, the Chromecast box/Stick, the FireTV box/stick, the Nvidia Shield, the Mi Box, etc.


It was released to the consumer in late 2016/early 2017. A third party write up the AirTV box can be found here.

The AirTV box is a 2016/2017 release media center TV box capable of displaying the following content all within the same ecosystem:

1. +50 different cable channels (via a Sling TV subscription) - see

2. Providing users with access to their Netflix content (via a Netflix subscription) - see

3. Providing users access to android applications (media, games, tools, etc) through the onboard Google Play menu (such as Kodi, Plex etc.)

4. Providing user access to their own network media files (through a variety of streaming options)

5. Providing users access to media files through an external storage device (thumb drive/hard drive using the two USB ports available)

6. Providing users access to Over-The-Air TV programming by using an AirTV compatible USB TV Tuner

7. Providing users access to streaming a variety PC games (by using Nvidia's GameStreaming technology and the Android Moonlight app)

The AirTV uses a SlingTV skin coded into the Android TV OS (currently running Android TV 6.0 (Marshmallow). It comes with a bluetooth remote (BT) to the allow the user to quickly navigate through the SlingTV ecosystem. AirTV also sells a USB TV Tuner which allows the users to view Over-The-Air (OTA) TV programming and select desired channels through the SlingTV app. This adaptor relies on signals pulled in by the user's antenna (located either inside/outside their house) and connects to that antenna through a standard coaxial connection. AirTV is also offering a service to install OTA antenna's within the user's house if the user lives in a compatible area.

A video demonstration of the abilities of the AirTV can be seen here (please note, the video is using a version of the AirTV's firmware which will not be released until mid-February 2017). An unboxing and setup video of the AirTV box can be seen here..


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