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Yes, G9 is value for the money. However lack of Wifi sensitivity is annoying. I bought Asus Nexus 7. I did some comparison.
Remember that I could approx buy 2 Gemei G9T of one Nexus 7 price + 10" <-> 7".

I managed actually improve G9s Wifi a bit, by opening the device and study a bit the design of Wifi antenna (worth of checking the video of wireless charging mod).
Because the backcover is aluminium it seems to work as antenna. There is small cushion covered with metal net end of the antenna, what makes "solid" contact the alu-cover.
I put the some filling under that cushion + scratch the aluminium to make better contact. This helped few dBm's. Be aware when you open G9, I managed to harm a bit display (small liquid lcd spot :-( My bad...)

Its still waaaay poor than Asus Nexus 7. In this test spot, I'm not really far away from my Wifi station.
Asus has whopping ~10dB better reception. See the pictures + speed measurement. And sometimes the G9's do really lost connection, and suddenly comes back.

As a CPU/Graphics point of view, they are equal.

Oh yes, and one funny thing what happened. The 8GB SD card what came with G9, broke down. This faulty SD card actually made G9 act bit funny, no WLAN at all, no bottom menu etc. Took me a while to figure out what is wrong.

Sorry about quality of attached pictures.


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