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Hi guys,I've been playing around with my Apad for a day now and I've tried several games. I have to say that the Apad is not for gaming. There are three flaws:1. The Apad's Android version has been modified so that the default phone portrait mode displays the custom UI and home screen in landscape mode. This causes games that force landscape mode to turn the screen of the Apad into portrait mode, so that most of the game interface can't be seen.2. There is no trackball or directional pad, which are used by most games.3. The 3D performance of the Rockchip is very weak. Games like Speedforge 3D run with less than 1 FPS and games like Mystique run with 2 - 5 FPS. Neocore benchmark is not supported by the Rockchip.That said, simple 2D casual games like all of the Tetris, Bejeweled, etc clones work fine. Same for Sudokus and Chess. Pocket Empires works very well, too - and looks quite nice on the large screen.Just a few examples of how the landscape/portrait issue looks like:Robo Defense (suffers from the switch to the fake portrait mode):
Pocket Empires (looking nice):
RedPokerClub (also suffering from fake portrait mode):
Pinball (fake portrait too):
So even for 2D games the device is not really what I had hoped for, because of the way they hacked the home screen. If they would fix that, I would really love this for a gaming device.
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Do any of the updates help with this? For instance, hellomerong's custom FW lists the following - Some applications that didn't work on original firmware work well. (ACV, robo defense...)... - fixed : Auto orientation works properly...I'm waiting for my apad, but these games would be exactly what i'd want it for (and watching TV shows)
Yeah, the Archos Hybrid works fine, but I do not want to calibrate my screen every time I restart the device.
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