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Games on M003

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Hy everyone.What i've discovered tonight is that EKEN M003 is great also for games!!!I would never have tought this. I tried some games, for example Assassins creed, and they worked smoothly.My only question is: Would it be possible for them to be full screen instead of just one quarter? How?It would be great!!!Thank you!
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Noticed this issue on both M001 and M003 - game or just the background would not size up to whole screen. A lot of the apps are written for phone screens and they don't accomodate tablet PC screen sizes.
Now that could be why it is running the game smoothly. If it has to draw 4x pixels it might be slower.
I tried DOOM a few weeks ago and it just locked everything up!.HOW will we know when someone writes a game specificaly for the M003 as there is NO support on the Eken site???.I did have a couple of gams work and as described above, it was a small "phone" screen and Pah!
I actually created a thread and found this thread on why no games fit full screen on the M003 and the Pac Man apk does not work btw
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