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Would like to see a thread on which Games work on this Machine.Android 2.1 , I think it ha s a separate Video decoder.I notice some 3D games work on specific phones etc...So...Anyone wan to weight in on what is/should work on this Telechip model (no g-sensor)THANKS

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Currently running on my X5A-G:

3D Games:

Take Recon 3D [No G-sensor required]
Wave Blazer [G-sensor required]
Light Racer [No G-sensor required]
Speed Forge [G-sensor required]
Raging Thunder [G-sensor required]
Speedx [G-sensor required]
Iron Sight [No G-sensor required]
Armageddon Squadron [G-sensor required]
Deadly Chambers [No G-sensor required]


Robo Defense
Gensoid (Megadrive emulator)
Tower Raiders
Tanks and Turrets
Sudoku Free
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